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Chamo-cloak: grants a 25% miss chance through Concealment and Hide in Plain Sight, as well as a +4 bonus to Hide checks.

Digi-Weapons: 10' range, deals 2d6 Light damage, crit 20/x2, can be fired as a Swift action. Uses a Ring Slot or Eye Slot.

Grav-Chute: anyone wearing a Grav-Chute basically has a permanent Feather Fall effect, and never suffers falling damage.

Medkit: this grants a +5 bonus to Heal checks, as well as providing one dose of each of the following:
-Morphia: immunity to [Pain], non-lethal damage and [Fear] for 1 hour
-Narthecium: 200 points of HP, to be distributed as wished
-Antivenin: Neutralize Poison
-Apocalyptic Antibiotics: Cure Disease
-Stimm: Immunity to Fatigue for 1 hour, Haste for 1 minute
-Slaught: Rage and Bull's Strength for 1 minute, then Fatigue

Cloak of St. Aspira: grants a +5 Enhancement bonus to AC, and adding 20 to any Damage Reduction, as well a granting +4 to Will saves and to Charisma. SoB only.
Burning Brazier: this brazier constantly emits holy incense - all Daemons within 5' of the bearer must pass a Fortitude save at the beginning of every turn (Cha-based) or be Nauseated for 1 turn.

Roasarius: occupies the "Belt" slot, granting a +5 Deflection bonus to AC, as well as a +3 Resistance bonus to all saving throws.

Auspex: this device can cast the following at will, as Supernatural abilities:
-Detect Chaos
-Detect Poison
-Detect Magic

Servo Skull:
Tiny Construct
50 HP, Fly 30' (Perfect)
Str 10 Dex 17 Con - Int 12 Wis 11 Cha -
Saving Throws: use base values of the owner
Armour Class: 18 (+3 Dex, +2 Size, +3 Natural)
Base Attack Bonus: use that of the owner
Equipment: Twin-linked Digi-Weapons, 1 Mechadendrite

Psiber Eagle: this counts as a Construct Eagle armed with a twin-linked Hell-Pistol. Additionally, if within 10 feet of the owner, it may elect to redirect any targeted Psykic powers or Spells from the owner to itself.

Target-Finder: this occupies the "Eyes" slot and allows the wearer to ignore all miss chances, as well as enabling them to accurately target the square a hidden foe is in.

Jump Pack: wearing this allows you to fly, somewhat. You gain a +10' bonus to your movement speed if merely using it to skim along (and when charging, move at triple speed rather than double), and can also cross difficult terrain without penalty. If used for actual flight, the speed is 40' (Clumsy), generally only used to launch in straight lines.

Repair Kit: grants a +6 bonus to Repair checks, allows for more complex/large repairs to be made.

Bionic Limb: Legs grant +4 to Saves against Slow/Entanglement and to resist being Tripped, as well as +8 to Jump checks. Arms grant +2 Strength.

Special Bolter Ammunition
-Kraken Penetrator Rounds: crit 18-20/x2, reduce DR by 10
-Frag Rounds: Wounding, deals 1d6 Piercing to adjacent creatures
-Hellfire Rounds: Acid damage, Poison (DC 20, 1d4 Con/1d4 Con)
-Inferno Rounds: Fire damage, catch fire (1d6 Fire per round)
-Tempest Bolts: Electricity damage, Fort DC 20 or be Stunned 1 round
-Bessed Bolts: count as Holy, Axiomatic

Dispenser: this device dispenses drugs as a Swift action.

Etherium: one dose of Etherium lasts for 1 hour, doubling the radius of all auras.

Polymorphine: single-use, Disguise Self (lasts for 6 hours)

Frenzon: upon being consumed, this unleashes incredible power in the imbiber. They gain the benefits of Divine Power, Divine Favour and Righteous Might all at once, and gain Damage Reduction 50%. All benefits last for 1 minute, though afterwards the imbiber takes 1d6 Constitution damage.

Slam: upon being consumed, this drug grants the benefits of Mirror Image (due to moving so quickly) and one True Strike (due to others seeming to move so slowly). Additionally, the imbiber gains an additional attack per round when making a full attack - this stacks with Haste. This lasts for 2d6 rounds, and then the imbiber becomes Stunned for one round, then Exhausted until they rest.

Psy-Occulum: this takes up the "eyes" slot, and allows the wearer to constantly See Invisible, as well as to recognise all visual illusions as such instantly.

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