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Techmarines are highly valued for the important role that they perform in the Deathwatch. Their skills in the operation of machines and techno-arcana are an asset to the day-to-day operations of the Watch Fortresses and the advanced technology the Deathwatch has access to within its Vaults at the heart of each Watch Fortress. These weapons and items of equipment are known to be more exotic than even the rare Conversion Beamer. Many are unique, and all are sealed within the Vault at the heart of each Watch Fortress. Just as the Librarian has exclusive access to the reams of forbidden knowledge in each of these archives, so the Deathwatch Techmarine keeps his portion of the Vault sealed to all but his fellow Techmarines. There are weapons kept within the Vault the likes of which are thought to be unique in the galaxy, their secrets impenetrable even to the highest-ranking Tech-priests of Mars.

Class Features
Hit Points
Hit Dice: 1d10 per Tech-Marine level
Hit Points at level 1: 20 + your Constitution Modifier
Hit Points at higher levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution Modifier per Tech-Marine level after 1st

Armor: Power, Artificer and Terminator Armor, Combat and Storm Shields
Weapons: All Imperium Weapons
Tools: Servo Harness, Special Bolter Ammunition, Repair Kit
Saves: Constitution and Intelligence
Skills: choose four skills from Computers (INT), Investigation (INT), Science (INT), Technology (INT), Insight (WIS), Perception (WIS), Performance (CHA)

Artificer Armor, Servo Arm, Power Axe, Specialized Bolt Pistol, Combat Knife, Frag & Krak Grenades (2/2)

1st   | +2 | Mars Expertise, Gain Servo-skull
2nd  | +2 | Servo Assistance
3rd   | +2 | Specialization Ability
4th   | +3 | Feat/Ability Score
5th   | +3 | Reliable Talent
6th   | +3 | Specialization Ability
7th   | +4 | Feat/Ability Score
8th   | +4 | Quick Thinking
9th   | +4 | Specialization Ability
10th | +5 | Orbital Bombardment

Special Bolter Ammunition:  
-Kraken Penetrator Rounds: -2 to attack rolls, crits on 19-20
-Frag Rounds: Wounding, deals 1d6 of Piercing damage to all creatures within 5ft of target
-Hellfire Rounds: Acid damage, Poison - DC12 CON save vs 1d2 Con  
-Inferno Rounds: Fire damage, catch fire (1d6 Fire per round)  
-Tempest Bolts: Electricity damage, DC12 CON or be Stunned 1 round

Mars Expertise - At 1st level, choose two of your skill proficiencies, or tools you are proficient in the use of. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses any of the chosen proficiencies.    

Gain Servo-skull - The Tech-Marine gains a Servo-Skull. He can make Mechanics and Computer ability checks through the Servo-Skull as an action (this check cannot be reduced to a bonus action by the Servo Assistance ability). The Servo-Skull must be within 500ft range.

Servo Assistance - Starting at 2nd level, you make expert use of your servo arm to quickly act. You may use a tool or skill that is normally an action as if its use was a bonus action.  

Tech-marine Specialization - At 3rd level, choose a specialist field.  This field of specialization grants features at 3rd, 6th, and 9th level.

Feat or Ability Score Improvement - When you reach 4th level, and again at 7th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1 up to your default maximum of 20.  Additionally, you may choose one feat to gain or increase an ability score by 1, and increase its maximum by one instead.    

Reliable Talent - Starting at 5th level, whenever you make an ability check using your proficiency bonus, treat all rolls of 9 or less as if you rolled a 10.  

Quick Thinking - Starting at 8th level, you may take two bonus actions per round.    

Orbital Bombardment - Starting at 10th level, once per mission the Tech-Marine can call down a devastating 10d12 Orbital Strike. Affected area uses the large template, enemies need to make a DEX saving throw versus DC 10+INT+Prof for half damage


Techseers apply their knowledge in a wide variety of sciences and technical aptitudes towards the repair, maintenance and improvement of equipment and vehicles.

Prayer of the Omnissiah - Starting at 3rd level, you may, as a bonus action, grant yourself or all allies in 5ft advantage on the next attack roll, saving throw, or ability check. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your Tech-Marine level + your INT mod, before a long rest.

Catechism of Mars - From 6th level, with one minute of work, a Techseer can restore a destroyed or broken vehicle or machinery to operational (at 10% capabilities), as long as it was not completely annihilated (exploded: fine, disintegrated or hit by a Destroyer weapon).  

Prayer of the Machine Spirit - Starting at 9th level you may spend 15 minutes enhancing the effectiveness of a weapon or armor. This adds an enhancement bonus equal to your Intelligence bonus, maximum of 5, for a number of hours equal to your INT modifier.


Warsmiths are known for their skill with advanced robotics and the heavy weaponry of Mars.

Gain Servitor - Starting at 3rd level, the Warsmith gains the assistance of a lobotomized servitor. This companion acts in the same turn as him, and comes equipped with either a Power Claw or a Heavy Bolter. The Warsmith can also equip his servitor with other weapons.

Gunner - Starting at 6th level, whenever the Warsmith uses weaponry mounted on vehicles, ships or other Imperium war machines he can choose between:

- Advantage on attack rolls
- Extra die of weapon damage
- Extra attack (all attacks are made at disadvantage)

Conversion Beamer - Starting at 9th level, the Warsmith gains access to one of the Imperium’s most devastating long ranged weapons: a 200,600ft range Laser Gun, with a damage of 1d6 for every 10ft of distance from the opponent it’s fired at. This weapon is mounted on the Warsmith's servo harness.

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