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Hit Die: 1d10

Skill Points: 4+Int

BAB: Medium

Class skills: Bluff (Cha), Craft [one] (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Forgery (Int), Gather Info (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Investigate (Int), Knowledge [any three] (Int), Navigate (Int), Research (Int), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis)

Good Saves: Fortitude & Willpower

Find Tome - if there is a book within 500', then the Librarian can find it instantly.

Warp Charge Pool:  Before anything else is done, the Warp Charge pool is generated. The Librarian rolls a D6 and adds his INT mod to the result, +1 per allies that are also psykers. This is the Warp Charge pool for that round.

Psychic Phenomena & Perils of the Warp tests are rolled on the Deathwatch (RPG) tables (pg.187 & 189).

Level Abilities:
Librarian. Liby

Harness the Warp: the Librarian casts his spells by tapping into the endless power of the Warp. As a standard action, he can cast any number of spells by expending Warp Charges from his Dice Pool for that round. The Librarian assigns how many dice to use for each spell. For each 4+ on a D6, the Psyker has harnessed one Warp Charge successfully. If the total number is equal to or greater than the Warp Charge necessary for the power, the test is successful. If two or more 6’s were rolled, the Librarian must take a Psychic Phenomena Test. All spells are resolved at caster level 15 unless stated otherwise.

Discipline Mastery: at the levels listed, the Librarian picks up a Psychic Discipline.

-Storm Knight: Lightning Bolt (1 charge), Call Lightning Storm (2 charges), Shatterfloor (2 charges), Lightning Blade (3 charges), Immunity to Electricity.

-Seer: Comprehend Languages (1 charge), Identify (1 charge), Scrying (2 charge), Moment of Prescience (3 charge), Uncanny Dodge.

-Warp Lord: Wall of Gloom (1 charge), Blink (1 charge), Shadow Well (2 charges), Reverse Gravity (3 charges), immune to forced planar travel.

-Mental Hero: Command (1 charge), Persistent Prayer (1 charge), Confusion (2 charges), Programmed Amnesia (3 charges), immune to [Compulsions].

-Rune Master: Divine Favor (1 charge), Greater Magic Weapon (2 charges), Magic Vestment (2 charges), Summon Monster (3 charges), +1 to all saving throws.

Psychic Awareness:  the Librarian adds his INT mod to Initiative rolls and also on Spot and Listen checks.

Mind-link:  the Librarian gains Telepathy within 150ft with his allies. As a side-effect, as long as he has his wits about him, he may use a Swift action to remove any [Mind Affecting] effect from an ally within 150ft.

Iron Discipline:  the Librarian no longer registers pain. As such, he is immune to nonlethal damage and [Pain] effects. Also, he adds his INT mod to AC, as deflection bonus.

Psychic Strike: as a Swift action, psychic energy can be called upon to add extra damage to the next melee attack.

Psychic Reaction: when charged, attacked in melee, shot at, or has a spell cast on him, the Librarian can, as an immediate action, react and attempt to cancel the action. Roll an INT check at +1 for every available warp die he chooses to spend vs the opponents Willpower. If the check succeeds, the action is stopped and the Librarian looses the die. This eats his swift action for the next turn. This action cannot be performed if flatfooted.

Psychic Exemplar:  a Librarian can attempt to turn a failed casting action into a success. He can reroll one warp dice, but regardless of the result, he takes 1d6+Warp Charges needed for the successful casting, as damage; No DR or resistance applies.

Channel Power: once per round, the Librarian may channel offensive Psychic Force through his Sword, Rod or Rune Axe as part of an attack action. As an move action, the Librarian can choose to empower the weapon using his Warp Charge Pool. His next attack gains 1d6 for every charge used this way (to a maximum equal to his Leadership). If not spent, the attack loses the channeling at the start of the Librarian’s next turn.

Empowered Warp Charge Pool: the Librarian rolls two d6’s when generating Warp Charges and takes the highest result.

Auxiliary Power: the Librarian gains an additional, unrelated power from the following list:
-Flame Strike (2 charges), 1/10 minutes
-Black Tentacles (2 charges), 1/10 minutes
-Haste (2 charges), 1/hour
-Chained Phantasmal Killer (3 charges), 1/hour (Chained effect is resolved at Librarian’s caster level)
-Invisibility (3 charges), 1/hour
-Veil (4 charges), 1/day

Master of the Rites:  a Librarian can attempt to remove the Psychic Phenomena result (this is possible only if two 6’s are rolled, and not more). He can reroll one warp dice that produced a 6, but regardless of the result, he takes the number rolled as d6’s, as damage; No DR or resistance applies.

Psychic Apocalypse: at this stage, the Librarian may select a single Apocalyptic power to be used once per day at a 5 warp charge cost. The use is spent even if the attempt to harness the warp fails. Outside of combat, the attempt can be made using a maximum possible Warp Charge Pool (6+INT Mod+1 for every ally psyker in the party). The Librarian must take a Psychic Phenomena Test if two or more 6’s were rolled.

Teleport // Timestop // Astral Projection // Dominate Monster // Detonate // Reaving Dispel // Sphere of Ultimate Destruction

Warp Defense:  in a round when the Librarian harnesses the Warp, he gains the number of dice gained (1d8+INT mod) as divine enhancement to his AC, DR and as a bonus to saving throws. This enhancement can’t be denied by any means (Power Weapons, Touch Attacks etc.).

Equipment:  Power Armor, [+1] [Force] Longsword or Rune Axe, Bolt Pistol, Psychic Mantle

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