For honor, for glory, FOR THE EMPEROR!

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For honor, for glory, FOR THE EMPEROR! Empty For honor, for glory, FOR THE EMPEROR!

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Venatio Venatori
Storm Warden
Heavy Weapons Specialist
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   Much of our battle brothers honor is lost to our chapter as both our founding and our birth have been taken in the flow of time. But it is time that shall give it all back as well. All we can do is gather more glory and honor in the name of the Emperor as we wait.
    It was for this purpose that I volunteered for the Deathwatch, to carry the blade of storm and fury in the name Emperor and prove my mettle to my clan as well as myself. I pledge to eternally serve the Emperor as part of the Deathwatch and exterminate all in His name.
    I hope to meet any and all worthy foes in glorious combat, so that they may die in honor, tasting the might of the Emperor.

Battle brothers let's fight for honor, for glory, FOR THE EMPEROR!


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