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Roleplaying as a Space Marine

“The warrior who acts out of honour cannot fail. His duty is honour itself. Even his death—if it is honourable—is a reward, and can be no failure, for it has come through duty. Seek honour as you act, therefore, and you will know no fear.”
–Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines

Roleplaying as a Space Marine presents a unique challenge: Space Marines are more than human, larger-than-life figures more akin to the heroes of the Trojan War and the Odyssey than to Inquisitional Acolytes or a Rogue Trader and his companions. Some Space Marines are epic beings who will duel for days over a matter of honour, others are philosophers and tragic figures, full of passion and regret. In their heart, many Space Marines feel that their Chapter is just a little bit better than the others. However you choose to interpret these ideas, it is important to note that the Space Marines chosen for the Deathwatch are nuanced, complex characters.

At the beginning of a Deathwatch game, the Battle-Brothers you serve with are simply “fellow Space Marines.” Over time, however, this perception may change: some of these Space Marines may become true friends, others may become bitter rivals.

An example of a good story might challenge a Space Marine to choose between his loyalty to his Chapter and the bond of his oath to the Deathwatch. An unquenchable curiosity or a raging thirst for revenge can both lead a Space Marine to dark places, whilst idealism and pragmatism are themes that even Battle-Brothers from the same squad in the same chapter may disagree upon.

The backdrop of the ongoing Achilus Crusade within the Jericho Reach presents an excellent framework for Space Marines to interact with all levels of Imperial society, from the rareified heights of the Lord Militant and his advisors to the lowly Imperial Guard soldier serving on the front lines, from the byzantine political maneuvering at the Crusade’s heart to the brutal choices a Space Marine must make in the face of an encroaching Tyranid hive fleet.

Below are presented five questions that Deathwatch characters should consider, the answers to which can present some very interesting roleplaying opportunities, internal conflict, or story factors within the campaign.

The Emperor: Do you consider the Emperor a legendary father figure (as most Chapters do), or do you consider him a divine being?

The Codex Astartes: How closely do you (or your Chapter) adhere to the Codex Astartes? Are you used to finding innovative solutions or do you prefer everything to go “by the book?”

Purity: How pure is your gene-seed? Some Chapters (the Space Wolves and Blood Angels amongst them) have severe complications with their gene-seed. Some individual Space Marines have difficulties adjusting to the particular effects of their Chapter’s gene-seed.

Psykers: How do you (or your Chapter) view psykers? Most Chapters utilise Librarians and rely on psykers like most other facets of the Imperium, whilst some are far more suspicious of their nature or eschew the benefits of Librarians altogether.

Mankind: How do you (and your Chapter) view the citizens of the Imperium and humanity as a whole? How do you react upon meeting and interacting with a normal Imperial citizen?

Three things to remember:

* Space Marines generally do not use contractions or slang when they speak—they are angelic warrior knights, and their manner of speech often reflects this.

* The Deathwatch’s partnership with the Ordo Xenos and their focus on hunting aliens does not mean that they ignore other threats! Heretics, daemons, and Chaos Space Marines alike are all foes of the Imperium and are worthy of the Deathwatch’s attention.

* The saying “And They Shall Know No Fear,” is famously attributed to Space Marines. It means that they are exceptionally brave and motivated warriors, but it is not literally true: most Space Marines understand and experience fear, but they control it and channel it to a much greater degree than any normal man. This means that Space Marines are wise and tactical forces on the battlefield—if Space Marines retreat, they do so for a reason; they do not flee pell-mell before an enemy advance.

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