WELP! (God dammit 10 characters titles)

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WELP! (God dammit 10 characters titles) Empty WELP! (God dammit 10 characters titles)

Mesaj Scris de fourtyKANE la data de Vin Aug 18, 2017 5:10 am

I know I said I wouldn't convert it to 5E, but I felt very inspired all of a sudden!

So FUCK IT! Here it is, version 1.0.

All classes have 2 archetypes to choose from; might make 1 more for each after I pick my brain some more.
Added mostly the basic gear, with more on its way.

For Libby spells I'll use the Force Powers from SWSE, after I tweak them a little bit.

Will probably do some prestige classes too. Still thinking about it...

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