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Librarians are those Space Marines born as psykers, able to wield the powers of the Warp against the foes of Mankind. Most of the Librarians called to serve in the Deathwatch hold the rank of Lexicanium, the most junior of the four ranks of the Space Marines' battlefield psykers. They are nonetheless warriors of fearsome ability and renown. However, a small number of higher-ranked Librarians do serve -- the most senior become the Watch Commanders' most valued counsellors. Within their own Chapters, Librarians may have different titles and unique methods of utilising their powers. Librarians fulfil a number of roles within the Deathwatch. Chief amongst them is that of the combat psyker. Librarians are also the guardians of the secrets of the Deathwatch. Within each Watch Fortress is to be found the sealed Vault which stores weapons and relics too dangerous to be allowed to fall into the hands of Mankind's enemies. Also within the Vault is an archive of forbidden knowledge. Not even the Watch Commander has access to these archives -- only the Librarians are entrusted with their access codes, and only they are judged strong enough to withstand the sanity-shattering secrets sealed within.

Class Features
Hit Points
Hit Dice: 1d8 per Tech-Marine level
Hit Points at level 1: 15 + your Constitution Modifier
Hit Points at higher levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution Modifier per Librarian level after 1st

Armor: Power, Artificer and Terminator Armor, Combat and Storm Shields
Weapons: All Imperium Weapons
Tools: Psychic Mantle, Special Bolter Ammunition
Saves: Constitution and Intelligence
Skills: choose four skills from Arcana (INT), History (INT), Investigation (INT), Nature (INT), Religion (INT), Science (INT), Technology (INT), Insight (WIS), Deception (CHA), Intimidation (CHA), Performance (CHA), Persuasion (CHA)

Power Armor, Force Sword/Stave/Axe, Specialized Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades (2/2)

1st   | +2 | Warp Charge Pool, Harness the Warp
2nd  | +2 | Psychic Strike, Mind-link
3rd   | +2 | Specialization Ability
4th   | +3 | Feat/Ability Score
5th   | +3 | Psychic Reaction
6th   | +3 | Specialization Ability
7th   | +4 | Feat/Ability Score
8th   | +4 | Empowered Warp Charge Pool
9th   | +4 | Specialization Ability
10th | +5 | Psychic Mastery

Special Bolter Ammunition:  
-Kraken Penetrator Rounds: -1 to attack rolls, crits on 19-20
-Frag Rounds: Wounding, deals 1d6 of Piercing damage to all creatures within 5ft of target
-Hellfire Rounds: Acid damage, Poison - DC12 CON save vs 1d2 Con  
-Inferno Rounds: Fire damage, catch fire (1d6 Fire per round)  
-Tempest Bolts: Electricity damage, DC12 CON or be Stunned 1 round

Warp Charge Pool - Before anything else is done, the Warp Charge pool is generated. The Librarian rolls a d6 and adds his INT mod to the result, +1 per allies in 100ft that are also psykers. This is the Warp Charge pool for that round.

Psychic Phenomena & Perils of the Warp tests are rolled on the Deathwatch (RPG) tables (pg.187 & 189).

Harness the Warp - At 1st level, the Librarian gains the ability to cast his spells by tapping into the endless power of the Warp. As an action, he can cast a any number of desired spells by dividing an expending Warp Charges from his Dice Pool for that round. The Librarian assigns how many dice to use for each spell. For each 4+ on a D6, the Psyker has harnessed one Warp Charge successfully. If the total number is equal to or greater than the Warp Charge necessary for the power, the test is successful. If two or more 6’s were rolled, the Librarian must take a Psychic Phenomena Test.

In addition, the Librarian can choose to empower the spell as a free action by using one Command Point.

Psychic Strike – Starting at 2nd level, the Librarian can make a melee attack with his force weapon as a bonus action by using one of his Warp Charges for that round.

Mind-link – Starting at 2nd level, the Librarian gains Telepathy within 500ft with his allies.

Librarian Specialization - At 3rd level, choose a specialist field.  This field of specialization grants features at 3rd, 6th, and 9th level.

Feat or Ability Score Improvement - When you reach 4th level, and again at 7th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1 up to your default maximum of 20.  Additionally, you may choose one feat to gain or increase an ability score by 1, and increase its maximum by one instead.    

Psychic Reaction - Starting at 5th level, if attacked, the Librarian can as a reaction, attempt to cancel the action. Roll an INT check versus the opponents Attack Roll. If the check succeeds, the action is stopped. The Librarian can only use this ability once per short or long rest.

Empowered Warp Charge Pool - Starting at 8th level, when his Warp Charge pool is generated, the Librarian rolls a d8 and adds his INT mod to the result, +1 per allies in 100ft that are also psykers, instead of a d6.

Psychic Mastery – Starting at 10th level, the Librarian can Harness the Warp on rolls of 3s.
In addition, he can reroll a result of 6 to prevent Psychic Phenomena but he takes the new result as damage. This damage cannot be healed until he performs a long rest.

Warp Blade

Warp Blade Librarians specialize in empowering their weapons and defenses with the infinite power of the warp.

Channel Power – Starting at 3rd level, the Warp Blade may channel offensive Psychic Force through his Force Weapon. As part of an attack action he can choose to empower the weapon using his Warp Charge Pool. His next attack gains and enchantment bonus of +1 for every charge used this way (to a maximum equal to his INT modifier). If not used, the weapon loses the channeling at the start of the Librarian’s next turn.

Warp Defense - Starting at 6th level, as a reaction, the Warp Blade can choose to empower himself using his Warp Charge Pool, gaining DR or a bonus to saving throws equal to the number of dice spent. This enhancement can’t be denied by any means.

Terrifying Strike - Starting at 9th level, whenever the Warp Blade hits with a weapon charged with Warp Energy, the attack is a critical hit. In addition, he can use his reaction to spend one extra warp die to maximize the damage.


Mystics are Librarians not as heavily focused on combat, but more specialized on the study of the Warp, using that knowledge against the enemies of the Imperium.

Psychic Awareness - Starting at 3rd level, the Mystic adds his INT mod to Initiative rolls and also on Perception checks.

In addition, he gains Detect Magic as a free supernatural ability.

Hidden Knowledge – Starting at 6th level, the Mystic can also attempt to make a DC15 Insight on the opponents he’s facing, for a d4 on all attacks, skills and saving throws against it for the rest of the combat.

In addition, he gains Detect Evil as a free supernatural ability and advantage on all Knowledge checks.

Master of the Rites – Starting at 9th level, the Mystic can attempt to remove a Perils of the Warp result and instead take a Psychic Phenomena result. If the 2nd rolls results in a Perils, he must resolve it. This ability can be used once per short or long rest.

In addition, he gains True Seeing as a free supernatural ability.

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