Mission 1: Discovery

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Mission 1: Discovery Empty Mission 1: Discovery

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“The Tau retreat was cut short by the sudden arrival of black clad Astartes on roaring bikes, riding down the streets of the crumbled city. By blessed bolt and searing plasma the fleeing xenos were struck down as they ran for the tree line. Wearing ‘Corvus’ Mark helmets, their left shoulder pads portrayed a white winged claw holding a sabre, the mark of a chapter still unknown to the kill-team. Fifteen in total, the ones they could see, ten of which split into two groups and veered off to the left and right of the citadel, while the other five headed straight for the lone Ragnar. Even as the young Space Wolf lowered his weapons, the riders kept circling him menacingly, their bolters clipping in new magazines to the sound of revving engines. Only as the nearest building was crushed under the dozer blade of an ivory colored Land Raider speeding in the same direction did the bikes broke away and took up positions to receive this new arrival. Picking up great plums of dust its tracks screeched to a halt but a few meters away from the Space Marine, then with a thud, dropped its front access hatch on the shell-shocked ground. With loud footsteps on ceramite, two large figures slowly emerged from the vehicle. The first one wearing robes like bleached bone over dark green power armor, one shoulder pad golden, depicting the maw of a great lion, the other, green with a long white blade crossing a set of angel wings, a sword sheathed at his hip, and a combi-bolter slung across his back. The second clad in black Tactical Dreadnought Armor adorned with icons of battle and tokens of ritual and mystery depicting a plethora of Imperial skull iconography; his head masked in a terrifying skull-shaped helmet with red glowing optics. With a hiss, the power armored Astartes proceeded to undo the seals of his winged helmet...”

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