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Full system diagnostic:
Auto senses:
-comm-auger- connected;
-tactical displays and Auspex-links- 97% clear image- adjusting...
-other senses- unchanged normal parameters...

Respirator Vox Grill
-volume selected - 70dB
-respirator filter- in use - 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and approximately 1% other trace gases- NORMAL
-internal oxygen supply - 78% - replenishing...

Life Signs Monitor
-[main] heart rate- ACCELERATED - not in immediate threat- possible cause: anxiety, excitement, stress- likely due to new environment and recent events while taking honorable oath to the Deathwatch- further research needed...
-[secondary] heart rate- NORMAL;
-Larraman's Organ -no detoxification required;
-Oolitic Kidney implants- detoxification in progress -9% remaining...

*NOTE: Fenrisian Ale- manages to bypass the bio-engineered resistance of regular astartes anatomy. Further demonstrates the weakness of the flesh. Unable to process this type of ethyl alcohol with special properties... Further research is needed- Sending notes to brother Apothecary - Maxwell Conrad....

*NOTE 2: Send congratulation message to brother Byron Skalsgard and Ragnar Bloodtooth- vocal is optional;
"Thank you for the opportunity to test your toxic [searching other terms...] concoction. Fenris has incredible fauna and flora -confirmed- I am however unable to understand it's [search...] function.
Recommend weaponized use of [ searching Low Gothic dialect...] Mjod. Further research is needed....
[ending message...] Happiness is a delusion of the weak"

Returning to system diagnostic...
Internal scan complete:
- New data added: Fenrisian Ale- extremely potent -alcoholic and toxic-
- New substance shows signs of weakness in: Cerebral cortex, Cerebellum, Hypothalamus and pituitary [ mostly inactive due to astartes sexual inhibitors and sterilization], Medulla and kidney implants.
Conclusion: Next bio-enhancements will target said weak points.

External scan [processing...]
- Wargear- optimal conditions since last check [ 1d- 3h- 25' -2" ]
- Mark III Iron Power Armour -[ accessing lost data...] Unable to repair connections- redirecting to ARHIVE...

[ Date: 006.M31- Notable event occuring: Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V ]
"I have erred, and so I must atone. I lived when I should have died, and so I must become Immortal- My oath to the Medusan Immortals. If I am to die in the Legion Breacher Siege Squad, then I shall do it for the will of the Emperor. However, my mind is torn, as the Omnissiah has other plans for my being, and so, if I survive, my entire existance shall be dedicated to the embodiment and bestower of all knowledge and technology in the universe, as it should be..."

[Date: 006-007.M31- last recorded memory- durring Assault on Iydris]
"Captain Ulrach Branthan of the Sisypheum is mortally wounded! Due to his determination, we have managed to intercept the encoded communications of the Traitors and learned that the Traitor Primarchs Fulgrim and Perturabo were leading their Emperor's Children and Iron Warriors Traitor Legions, respectively, into the Warp Rift. Our orders are to pursue and eliminate the Iron Warrior traitors. [ missing data] The Warp Rift has damaged out communications and navigational systems... our fate is sealed [missing data] Preparing my body for stasis, I pray to the Omnissiah that my brothers find me one day, so that I might begin my training on Mars [ log end]

[Date: 935.M41- My awakening durring The Iron Ascension event]
"Iron Captain Bannus had found my stasis pod after an eternity of prayer. When he asked me my name... he had realized that the Primarch stripped me of rank and title, so I had lost my old identity to become an Immortal and claim glory in death. In his endless wisdom, he said I had a greater purpose, and my survival throughout the millenia was proof of that. My ancient suit of Power Armour is a great honor for all Space Marines and can greatly boost unit morale in combat, so I am to never change it, at the cost of being less effective in battle due to it's old and difficult to repair design- judging by this era's technology.
With the blessing of my chapter, I was finally sent to the Machine Cult on Mars to fulfill my great purpose."

[Date: 984.M41- durring the Adacore Extermination ]
"Thus do we invoke the Machine God. Thus do we make whole that which was sundered. Hail the Omnissiah! He is the God in the Machine, the Source of All Knowledge" I have steeped myself in rites of activation and hymnals of maintenance. I now know how to call forth a Machine Spirit or placate its wrath. I am a priest of the Omnissiah and I have given the rest of my humanity in It's name. [speech pattern changing...] I am pledged by blood to the Chapter of the Iron Hands, but bound in mind and spirit to the mysteries of the Cult Mechanicus' Omnissiah.
[Analysis of events after returning to home-planet of Medusa]
-deep mistrust of brothers;
-judged to have Dual Loyalty;
-limiting contact with Battle-Brothers to a minimum;
-can only find a measure of solace among Techmarine brethren;

My first big skirmish after returning from Mars:
I have the honor of aiding my savior, the now Venerable Brother Bannus in a strike force of twenty Iron Hands Dreadnoughts to scour the Mining World of Adacore. The excavations have awoken the Necron war-cells of an overlord.

After the success of this mission, I have been deemed worthy of aiding the Deathwatch for my knowledge in Xenos technology and unique engineering skills [both ancient and modern]"

...[Archive selection complete- Data saved]
Adjusting left shoulder plate...
Adapting to the new weight and clean connectors...

I serve the Ordo Xenos of the Imperial Inquisition!

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-------Repairing damage sustained in previous mission to armor and tech--------
[Accessing database- oaths and audio clips for analysis in REPAIR MODE]
[Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]

[Initializing Principle Lessons of the Iron Hands- transmission]
[Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]

[ Damaged audio file -searching in Adacore archives- FILE RECOVERY 75%]
-play file-
[Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]
-needs future clarification-

-------Recording notes on past days--------
-Minor repairs in the workshop;
-Shared and gained some information on technology found and studied by the Techmatine brothers in the Deathwatch;
-Possibility of new mission assignment rised to 87%;
-------End of notes--------

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-----Updating Mission Arhive-----
[code Ti X261 ]
[compensating for B.A.D file sectors and missing info-trauma based]

[Mission start]
+Deployment to resurfaced planet  from the warp [code Vt36X -"Styria"]-VERIFIED
+Objective: Discover beacon before enemy forces- VERIFIED
-Known threat: Tau forces- VERIFIED
-Unknown threat: Possible signs of warp corruption- Unconfirmed
//Comment- Mission commander : Byron Skalsgard of the Space Wolves- Librarian
+Encountered humanoid life forms- VERIFIED
+Human life forms attempting to summon/commune with entities from the warp-[UNSUCCESFUL]
//Comment- No real threat
+Commander order: Anihilate;
+Anihilation complete- no further investigation done- VERIFIED
+Beacon secured before enemy forces- VERIFIED
//Comment- Overwhelming human emotion override upon contact with the beacon

[Accessing personal notes...]

++++Thoughts/observations added in the process of forced emotional suppression:++++
*Note 1
"It cannot be... Could I really have been blessed a second time by the Omnissiah? Is this another one of my stasis pod induced dreams? All my sensors indicate that this is indeed our reality and I am not simply under the influence of my mind's
eye. I am in the holly presence of an avatar of the Omnissiah! There are no words, codes or symbols that could describe my feelings. It is difficult to retain my focus around the kill team battle brothers. It seems that the weakness of my humanity is once again interfering with efficiency parameters. For my sanity's sake, I need to alter the Biscopea's hormonal influx to inhibit my near euphoric state."
*Note 2
"As we approached the source of the beacon and saw the silhouette of the enormous building in front of us, a sense of familiarity engulfed me. The intricate details, the shapes and carvings on the walls. They were all to familiar and alien at the same time. Only once I established a link with one of the panels did it all start to make sense and despite it's antiquity, a connection was formed. I had access to a pool of knowledge that very few ever get the chance in millennia of lifetimes.
The spirit of an Imperator-class Titan. The very icons of worship to the Imperial Cult Mechanicus. The holly Attero Dominatus of the Collegia Titanica, believed to be lost to the ages, and I had the honor of initializing first contact with it's God Machine and the remnants of the Princeps."
*Note 3
"Not only have I gone above and beyond by communicating with an entity beyond the uninitiated's comprehension, but also being able to operate some of it's weapons in the purpose of defending it from the Tau is truly one of my greatest achievements as and Frater Astrotechnicus. Blessed be the Omnissiah!"
*Note 4
"Battle brother and commander of the mission- Byron Skalsgard has gained much of  my respect and trust, as he was able to channel what would be the equivalent of hundreds of psykers in order to fuel and maintain the Titan's defenses. He has sacrificed much of his being in a procedure that bordered on pure suicide with unknown chances of success.
//Side observation: Had he been less cooperative, in that situation I would have taken it upon myself to force him in that position by any means necessary and take command of the team. The circumstanced of my altered Biscopea and his determination helped avoid that team aggression- For that I am extremely grateful and I shall add it to my social interactions protocol."
*Note 5
"My initial suspicion upon entering this holly Machine, before realizing it's true nature, had caused me to order the capture of one of it's still functioning servo-skulls. However, the distinct lack of tact shown by assault marine Ragnar Bloodmane of the Space Wolves, had given me a glimpse of the technological horror that was to befell us, as he captured and damaged it, with very little regard for it's importance. The event in wich he was appointed to wear the ancient terminator armor of the Imperial Fists in the defence attempt had caused more damage than the Tau could ever have done to the Titan. His untrained and rash mind caused him to make the split decision of activating grav weaponry in the very near vicinity of the Titan he was tasked to protect at [[[ALL COSTS]]] The grav grenade itself was priceless technology almost lost to the ages. Now, one less exists in the vast expanse of the empire, with just a few in the capable hands of the Adeptus Mechanicus on Mars."
*Note 6
"At that moment I had felt pain unlike any wounds of the flesh could ever inflict. As I was connected for communication purposes with the Princeps, a fraction of the impact's power had transfered to me. I can only describe it as an explosion of one's own organs, tearing and dissapearing, all in one brutal motion."
*Note 7
"I will never experience pain the same way again..."

//end of personal mission notes.
-----Archive complete-----
[Physical trauma undertaken: 0% ]
[Use of node connectors: 87%]
[Resources used: 15%]
[Social interaction modification: 5%]
[Mission complete]
[Organic casualties: 0%]
[Technological casualties:  INAESTIMABILIS ]
[Initializing Catalepsean Node switch...]

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-----Updating Arhive-----
[code eL X262 ]

[Adding servo skull repair info...]
[Resources used: 39%]
[Establishing connection...]
[Connection failed]
[Opening personal notes...]

++++Adding repair observations and diagnostic...++++
"I was quite pleased with myself for taking this servo skull from it's holly location. It would have surely ended as scrap metal or salvaged and re-purposed as an ordinary object for some noble's trinket."
"I must take some responsibility for it's damage and bring it to it's former glory. It has proven very difficult to find replacement parts. In a way, this mechanical tool and I share a connection, as I have been in a similar state of repair, awoken in an age where all we know has changed to the point of being unrecognizable. "

"I see your cogitator unit has managed to stay intact. That means I could spare one of my node switches to awaken your spirit"

[Establishing connection...]
[Unit "Sion 647" CONNECTED]
[Downloading data...]

++++Adding repair observations and diagnostic...++++
"Fascinating! The Omnissiah has blessed you with life in my servitude, Praised be the Machine God! You have been faithful in life and you shall be so in death, adept Sion. Show me your memories, for I wish to bask in the knowledge of my time, once more"

[Processing data...]
Life Signs Monitor WARNING:
-[main] heart rate- ACCELERATED - administering Eprosartan...
//Comment: It is an euphoric state I must suppress.

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-----Updating Arhive-----
[code eL X278 ]

[Notification: 91 d/ 4 h/ 23 m/ 41 s since last notable mission- Probability of  new assignment 98% within the next 7 days ]
[Engage daily routine...]
- Pray with venerable Groremann the Elder of the Chrimson fists;
- Replenish armor resource stores [currently at 87%];
- Daily armor maintenance [99% checked];
- Daily reading assignment [ currently on "Forging of the Cyclops" a squat chronicle on the invention of the "Cyclops" demolition vehicle- code "985.M39 Squat Civil War" - 78% complete; Next assignment: code 322-384.M39 The Angevin Crusade - future notes on successor chapter "Sons of Medusa" ];
- Bi-weekly inspection of kill-team brother Byron Skalsgard's healing progress;
//Comment: Suggesting alternative for the healing tank's temperature. My research shows signs of optimization below 18"C.
//Comment: Flesh specialists agree with the metabolic shift of the Space Wolves chapter- results increased by 2.5%.

*Note :
"Brother Septimus of the Angels of Absolution assures me that- quote: "It's not much of a difference, however I suppose he might enjoy the change in temperature". I disagree. Mathematically speaking 2.5% is "much" more than 0% in terms of improvement. His "supposing" is erred."
//Comment:Apothecary Septimus of the Angels of Absolution needs training in optimization.
"I could approximate the patient's recovery with great precision. My suggestion reduced his recovery time by 1h / 23m/ 12s. I could also improve his mood by adding a sample of Fenrisian Ale instead of the pain killer administered to him. Research shows mood influences healing rate."

"My attempts to aid in brother Byron Skalsgard's recovery has been met with passive aggressive response. I shall silence my observations on his treatment and just focus on the functionality of the equipment in the room as there are no objections. I will assure that the machines are in optimal condition of treating my kill-team brother."

[Notification: Mission starting in 1d /03h/ 21m/ 39s. No details given. Awaiting orders. Standard equipment assigned.]

[Notification: Kill-team brother Byron Skalsgard- not available for mission. Librarian and warp specialist of the Black shield Azarrah- tasked to aid in mission. Will engage in pleasantries and formal meeting]

-----Updating Mission Arhive-----
[code eL X279 ]
[Mission start]
+Deployment to Eldar Craftworld- VERIFIED
+Accompanied by Inquisitor Adrielle Quist- ensure survival- VERIFIED
+In search of Eldar secrets/technology/resources- VERIFIED
+Obvious signs of corruption- proceeding with extreme caution-VERIFIED
+Encountered hostile activity: Demonic and Eldar-VERIFIED
+Detected areas of Eldar Warding- VERIFIED;
+Encountered highly skilled Eldar Guardian- 2 casualties- Inquisitor alive- Mission Proceed;
+Captured hostile Eldar Guardian- interrogated and subdued;
+Ordered to destroy Eldar artifacts;
//Comment: I had approximated the value of some of the items we were ordered to destroy. Even as trinkets they could have proved invaluable as trading resources. I did not hesitate in following orders, however I do disagree with wasting resources.
//Comment: ADDITION- EDIT after mission in regard to previous comment- there would have been no time to carry trinkets, however the resources wasted in this situation were our ammunition, as the artifacts would have been destroyed regardless.
"Inquisitor Adrielle Quist has poor resource management skills and a hot temper. "

-Resuming mission update...-

+Encountered demonic abomination- VERIFIED
+Executed demonic abomination- -VERIFIED
// Comment: It was an incredibly difficult fight. The beast had grappled us all and had the Inquisitor in a highly vulnerable position. It's defeat was a great show of power and tactical discipline.

"As we were advancing in this Eldar maze, feeling the presence of corruption and filth around every corner and hallway, I noticed the influence it had on my mind. There was a lot of pressure to reach our mission objective and exit this hive of xenos abomination in order for it to be permanently purged from the world.
//Personal observations notes:
"One notable change I had recorded was a moment where kill-team brother Azarrah had warned me to not execute the Eldar guardian in the presence of the Wraithlord, to avoid it's activation.
The logical thing to do was heed his warning and avoid needles confrontation. However, the emotions that had boiled in my subconscious managed to surface and I had taken the illogical path. In doing so, the Wraithlord activated and we were faced with a weakened yet still extremely dangerous opponent."

"Upon it's defeat, my feelings were escalating even further. There was a sense of pride in my speech pattern. None of this was enabled. None of this was subdued accordingly. I was unaware of it's effect and that is a fact that frightens me to the very core of my being. Loosing control of my emotions must never happen. The mind must be tranquil and devoid of feeling for it to reach perfection and optimal functionality."
// end of personal observations.

[Physical trauma undertaken: 45% ]
[Use of node connectors: 10%]
[Resources used: 87%]
[Social interaction modification: 79%]
[Mission complete]
[Organic casualties: 33.3%]

[Initializing oath: Principle lessons of the Iron Hands:...]

"Only the spirit is pure.
The mind may be swayed, the body may fail.
Only the soul cradles vengeance purely.
Become the weapon of the soul.

Where the mind hesitates, overcome it.
Where the body fails, replace it.
Aspire to the condition of the Primarch.
Emulate his union with steel.

Never waver.
Never retreat.
Never doubt.

The flesh is weak.
The weak shall be purged.
What remains is strength."

[Preparing mourning ritual for kill-team fallen brothers and apothecary Maxwell's departure from the watch station]

//Comment: I cannot claim to have known them well in life. I confess in my notes: I had harbored resentment, bordering on hatred for Ragnar Bloodmane of the Space Wolves for his sins against the Machine God. Now my mind can be cleared as such pointless feelings are no longer justifiable. They died in the line of duty for the Ordo Xenos and that is all that was required of them. Their flesh was weak and the price for that flaw has been payed in blood.  

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