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Space Marine Chapters:

Black Templars [Chapter]

Benefit: Black Templar Space Marine perform an eternal crusade across the galaxy, eliminating the enemies of man. This chapter’s warriors possess both great skill at arms and physical and mental fortitude. Black Templar Space Marines gain +2 AB in melee combat, +2 bonus on Fortitude and Will saves, and +4 bonus on Knowledge: Xenos checks. Class restrictions: Devastator and Librarian.

Blood Angels [Chapter]

Benefit: The Blood Angels’ battle honors encompass millennia of victories, many purchased with ferocity in close quarters combat. Blood Angels Space Marines have developed great manual dexterity and coordination in the pursuit of art, due to their exceptionally long life spans. Blood Angels Space Marines gain +2 AB in melee combat, +2 DEX, and +4 AB (instead of 2) when performing a Charge.

Dark Angels [Chapter]

Benefit: The Space Marines of the Dark Angels Chapter are cunning warriors who often rely on the precise application of overwhelming firepower to defeat their foes. Dark Angels Space Marine gain +2 INT, +2 AB in ranged combat, and +4 bonus on Decipher Script checks.

Space Wolves [Chapter]

Benefit: Space Wolves are renowned for the exceptionally sharp senses and their heroism in defense of all Imperial citizens, high and low. A Space Wolves Space Marine gains +2 CON, +4 bonus on Intimidation checks, +4 bonus on Survival checks made to Track and immunity to cold. Class restrictions: Apothecary.

Storm Wardens [Chapter]

Benefit: Storm Wardens value strength at arms and have battled for centuries against some of the most denizens beyond the Imperium’s borders. A Storm Warden Space Marine gain +2 STR, 1 extra HP at each level and a +1 Great [Power] Sword.

Ultramarines [Chapter]

Benefit: The Ultramarines often serve as the standard against which all Space Marines are measured and these qualities encompass a variety of strengths, from tactical skill to strategic genius. An Ultramarine gains +2 in an ability of his choice, and +5 bonus on Diplomacy checks.

Iron Hands [Chapter]

Benefit: Iron Hands characters combine the cold fury of their hatred for the enemy with a disdain for the weaknesses of the flesh. An Iron Hands Space Marine gains +2 CON, +2 bonus in Fortitude saves, and a Bionic Limb

Raven Guard [Chapter]

Benefit: Raven Guard characters are skilled at the arts of stealth and surprise tactics. A Raven Guard Space Marine gains +2 DEX, and +4 bonus on Hide, Move Silently checks, Spot and Listen checks.

Salamanders [Chapter]

Benefit: Salamanders characters are renowned for their unwavering endurance, their considered wisdom and their skill with metalwork and technology. A Salamander Space Marine gains +2 INT, 2 extra HP at each level and immunity to Fire

White Scars [Chapter]

Benefit: White Scars characters are renowned for their skill at lightning assaults, their tenacity as hunters, and their strong sense of honor and duty. A White Scars Space Marine gains +2DEX, and +2 bonus on Reflex and Will saves, and +4 bonus in Drive and Pilot checks.

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