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Weapon Special Descriptors Empty Weapon Special Descriptors

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[Twin-link] If a weapon is twin-linked, then roll to ‘To Hit’ twice and pick the best one.

[Hell] Hell weapons benefit from being fired in a continual beam. As such, each additional shot made against the same target in the same round with the same weapon receives a cumulative +1 bonus to hit, +1 bonus to damage, and the threat range is widened by 1. On your next turn, the benefits are all lost unless you keep targeting the same person with the same gun, in which case they keep building up as normal.

[Melta] Melta weapons deal double damage if used within half the first range increment. Additionally, firing them this close means no more than half the damage may be negated via resistances, DR or immunity, and any damage taken from a vehicle's Temporary HP pool is ALSO applied directly to HP.

[Plasma] Plasma weapons have two settings (with a Swift action to change them). On low-power, the weapon does half damage (after rolling), on high power the user may only safely fire it once per turn. Firing it more often forces them to make a Fort save for every additional shot in the turn (DC 15 + half their own level) or also take half the damage rolled. Vehicles do not need to worry about this.

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