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Melee Weapons of 40K Empty Melee Weapons of 40K

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All melee weapons have the Machine Spirit special rule: the wielder's BAB is added to damage.

Chainsword: counts as a +1 Wounding Longsword that, if it hits successfully, Rends the target for an extra 2d6 damage at the end of the round.

Eviscerator: counts as a +1 Life-Drinking Greatsword that, if it hits successfully, Rends the target for an extra 4d6 damage at the end of the round. Has a built-in 1-use Flamer. Against Vehicles, each hit deals an additional 5 damage direct to HP, and the Rending damage is also applied direct to HP.

Power Weapon: Power Weapons ignore Armour Bonuses (but not magical enhancements to Armour Bonuses) and Natural Armour Bonuses to AC, as well as Hardness and any DR that can be overcome by [Power]. They have an innate enhancement bonus equal to 1/2HD of the wielder, round down. Note that this does not allow it to specifically beat DR/magic. Usually Long Swords, Great Swords, Hand Axes or Great Axes, but there are Power Guisarmes and Power Glaive out there.

Power Fist: one Gauntlet, dealing 1d10 damage, that has a x4 critical multiplier and double the user's Strength for the purpose of dealing damage. [Power], like all Power Weapons. The wielder must use Power Attack when using a Power Fist. It has a 2:1 damage ratio.
Lightning Claw: a Lightning Claw is a Power Weapon that is one-handed and deals 1d8, as well as an extra 1d10 Electricity damage. It has a 17-20/x2 threat range, and if worn as a pair, gain one extra attack at full BAB.

Chainfist: this counts as a Wounding Power Fist. It has a 4:1 Power Attack damage ratio if striking a vehicle. Can only be taken when wearing Terminator Armour.

Thunder Hammer: a Thundering Warhammer dealing 1d10 damage, and has x4 crit multiplier. [Power], like all Power Weapons. The wielder must use Power Attack when using a Thunder Hammer. It has a 3:1 damage ratio used in one hand, or a 4:1 ratio used with two-hands.

Sarissa: added to a Bolter; it allows you to use the bolter as a +1 Keen Spear.

Crozius Arcanum: this is a Power Mace that deals an additional 3d6 Axiomatic damage to all [Chaotic] Outsiders and [Evil] Outsiders. To [Chaotic, Evil] Outsiders it deals 3d10 damage.

Force Weapon: either a Shortsword, Longsword, Staff, Handaxe, In the hands of most, it is a Power Weapon , but in the hands of a Psyker, it is a Magic [Power] Weapon. A Psyker can add his INT modifier to AB and Damage instead of his STR. It has the Bane (Daemons) enchantment.

Nemesis Force Weapon: either a Halberd, Scimitar, Longsword or Greatsword. In the hands of most, it is a Power Weapon , but in the hands of a Psyker, it is a Magic [Power] Weapon that also adds a +4 bonus to Strength, has an enhancement bonus equal to the wielder’s INT modifier, and has the Axiomatic, Life-Drinking and Bane (Daemons) enchantments.

Suppression Shield: Tower Shield that bestows Electricity/Light resistance 20+BAB and can be used to bash foes for 1d6 Bludgeoning, plus 1d6 Electricity for every 10 electricity damage received in the past round (discharges after one use).

Stun Baton: 1d6 Bludgeoning/Electricity damage. 1-handed melee weapon. Foes must make a Fortitude save (DC = Damage Dealt) or be Stunned for 1 round. One stun attempt per round. 20/x3 crit.

Null Rod: a Power Stun Baton.

Relic Blade: this is a Martial or Exotic weapon of any variety, and is always a Power Demonbane Weapon. Additionally, the user gains a special Sacred bonus to their Strength:
+2 if Lawful, +2 if Good, +1 for every 4 ranks in Know: Religion for worshippers of the Emperor, +2 for those with the capacity to use Faith Powers (SoB).

Neural Whip: Shocking Power Whip that threatens the area, doesn't provoke.

C'tan Phase Sword: Power Short Sword. This weapon ignores Armour, Shield, Natural Armour and Deflection bonuses to Armour Class, as well as all Damage Reduction and Regeneration. It injures Incorporeal or Ethereal creatures 100% of the time.

Neuro-Gauntlet: One Handed Martial Weapon, 1d10 Electricity damage, crit 20/x2, the first hit per foe per round forces a Fortitude save (DC = Damage dealt) or the target is Stunned for 1 round.

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