Explosives of 40K

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Explosives of 40K Empty Explosives of 40K

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Frag Grenade: thrown to 40', 20' radius explosion, 4d6 Fire/Bludgeoning, Ref Half (DC 15), those who fail the save are knocked Prone.

Krak Grenade: thrown to 30', 5' radius explosion, 8d6 Fire/Bludgeoning, Ref Half (DC 17)

Gas Grenade: thrown to 40', 20' radius cloud of gas. Counts as Obscuring Mist + Hypnotic Pattern to those in the area (Fort negates the latter, DC 20).

Plasma Grenade: thrown to 40', 10' radius explosion, 10d6 Fire/Electricity damage, Ref half (DC 16), lingers for 1d4 rounds.

Melta Bomb: attach to device, 5' radius explosion, 20d6 Fire damage, Fort half (DC 25), no more than half can be negated.

Concussion Mines/Scout Mines: set into ground as a 5' radius Caltrop field. Stepping on them causes a 10' radius explosion, 2d6 Sonic damage, Ref Half (DC 15, DC 25 for the one who stepped on them), failing the save also results in being Stunned for 1 round.

Psyk-Out Grenade: throw 40', 10' radius explosion, Psykers and Spellcasters must make a DC 20 Will save or fall unconscious for 1 hour.

Bomb: dropped from the air, 20' radius blast, 5d6 Sonic/Bludgeoning damage, Ref half (DC 16). Single-use, vehicle-mounted only.

Mortar: launches a Bomb to 100', clip-1 (hand-loaded from a box of 4)

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