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Heavy Weapons of 40K Empty Heavy Weapons of 40K

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These require you to brace the weapon as a move action, so you cannot move and shoot. Some of these have a single, powerful shot, whereas others fire on full auto, granting your full compliment of attacks.

Some Heavy weapons are listed as [Massive]. These require, for anyone not wearing full Power Armour or better, a full round to set up on the ground before you can begin firing. People in full Power Armour, on the other hand, can carry them about and fire them like normal Heavy weapons.

Heavy Weapons benefit from the Machine Spirit rule: add the wielder's BAB is added to the damage.

Needle Rifle/Sniper Rifle: 250' range, 4d4 Piercing damage plus Poison, clip-10, crit 19-20/x3
Poison: DC 20, 1d6 Str/2d6 Con

Heavy Bolter: 200' range, 6d6 Fire/Sonic damage, belt-100, crit 19-20/x3

Lascannon: 250' range, 15d6 Light damage, battery-40, crit 19-20/x2
Touch Attacks, single-shot only, [Massive]

Autocannon: 300' range, 6d6 Piercing/Bludgeoning damage, drum-40, crit 20/x4
Upon being hit by all incoming shots, the target must make a DC 20 Strength check or be knocked prone (size modifiers/stability do apply)

Multilaser: 200' range, 6d6 Light damage, battery-100, crit 19-20/x2
Halve armour bonus, +1 attack in a full attack, vehicle-mounted only

Rocket Launcher: 200' range, delivers Frag or Krak missiles, clip-4
Single-shot only
-Frag: 30' radius, 5d6 Fire/Sonic damage, Ref half (DC 18)
-Krak: 6d8 Fire/Sonic damage, crit 19-20/x4

Plasma Cannon: 200' range, 10d6 Fire/Electricity damage in a 15' radius
Ref half (DC 25), cell-20 [Plasma] [Massive]

Multi-Melta: 100' range, 8d8 Fire damage, fuel tank-25, crit 20/x2, touch attacks, no regeneration [Melta]
Touch Attacks, single-shot only, [Massive]

Assault Cannon: 200' range, 4d4 Piercing, drum-300, crit 19-20/special
Make one attack, target suffers 1 hit for each point the attack roll exceeds his AC. On a critical threat, simply double the number of hits.

Conversion Beemer: 500' range, 1d6 Light damage for every 10ft of distance from the opponent its fired at, battery-100, crit 20/x2
Single-shot only, [Massive] servo-mounted only

Rocket Pods: 60' range, 30' radius explosion, 6d6 Fire/Sonic damage, Ref half (DC 16), no cover saves, drum-10, vehicle-mounted only

Hunter-Killer Missile: 1000' range, 10' radius explosion, 8d8 Fire/Piercing damage, Ref half (DC 17), no save for target if hit, crit 17-20/x2, single-use, vehicle-mounted only

Hellfury Missile: 500' range, 10' radius explosion, 10d6 Fire damage, Ref half (DC 20), single-use, vehicle-mounted only

Hellstrike Missile: 500' range, 50' radius explosion, 5d6 Fire damage, Ref half (DC 18), no cover bonus, single-use, vehicle-mounted only

Demolition Device: 30' range, 15' radius blast, 10d6 Fire/Sonic damage, Ref Half (DC = attack roll), those who fail the save are knocked Prone. Single-use only.

Battle Cannon: 500' range, 20' radius blast, 6d6 Sonic/Bludgeoning damage, Ref Half (DC = attack roll). Hand-loaded, single-shot only, vehicle-mounted only.

Earthshaker: 1,000' range, 100' radius blast, 8d6 Sonic/Bludgeoning damage, Ref Half (DC = attack roll if direct, 15 if indirect), those who fail the save are knocked Prone and Stunned for 1 round. Hand-loaded, single-shot only, vehicle-mounted only.

Vanquisher: 750' range, 50' radius blast, 8d6 Sonic/Bludgeoning damage, Ref half (DC = attack roll), ignores all Damage Reduction and Regeneration, Deafens all in 100' for 1 minute on a failed Fortitude save (DC 20). Hand-loaded, single-shot only, vehicle-mounted only.

Manticore Missile: 1000' range, bursts into four 10' radius blasts. 5d6 Fire/Sonic damage each, Ref half (DC 16). Single-use, single-shot only, vehicle-mounted only.

Deathstrike Missile: 2000' range, 500' radius explosion. 20d6 Fire/Sonic damage to all in the area, Ref Half (DC 25). Single-use, vehicle-mounted only.

Thunderfire Cannon: Massive Firearm, clip-4, drives along at 30', 3 fire modes:
-Airburst: 500' range, 30' radius explosion, 4d6 Fire/Sonic Damage (no save).
-Surface Blast: 500' range, 15' radius explosion, 10d6 Fire/Sonic Damage (Ref half, Dex-based)
-Subterranean Explosion: 300' range, 15' radius explosion, 8d6 Fire/Sonic Damage (Ref half, Int-based), failed saves knock targets Prone.
Note: can only be used by a Tech-Marine or a Tech-Priest.

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