Rapid Fire Firearms of 40K

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Rapid Fire Firearms of 40K Empty Rapid Fire Firearms of 40K

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Two-handed weapons, these can all be used as clubs, and can be fired once as a standard action if you move, or fired on full auto as a full round action, making your full number of attacks.

All Rapid Fire Firearms benefit from the Machine Spirit rule: they count as having +1 enchantment for granting bonus on ranged attacks; add the wielder's BAB to the damage.

Lasgun: 100' range, 2d6 Light damage, clip-30, crit 20/x2
Treats Armour bonus as 2 points lower (minimum 0)
*Hot shot pack: clip-1, Touch Attack, 4d6 Light damage

Plasma Gun: 100' range, 6d6 Fire/Electricity damage, canister-20, crit 20/x2
Touch Attacks [Plasma]

Boltgun: 100' range, 4d6 Fire/Sonic damage, clip-30, crit 19-20/x3
*May have a Sarissa (counts as a +1 Keen Spear)

Exitus Rifle: 200' range Rapid Fire, 3d6 Piercing damage, clip-10, crit-20/x4, fires any of the following ammunition types:
-Shield Breaker: delivers touch attacks, causes Fatigue on a failed Fort save (DC 20)
-Penetrator: ignores all damage reduction and regeneration
-Hellfire: deals 6d6 Acid damage, also delivering a Poison (DC 25, 1d6 Con/1d6 Con)

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