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Adeptus Astartes:

Medium Monstrous Humanoid [Human]

Hit Dice: 12 + 5d12 + (6*Con) (always reroll 1’s once)

Skill Points: (2+Int)*9

Base Saving Throws: Fort +5 Ref +2 Will +5

Base Attack Bonus: +6/+1

Ability Scores: Strength +4, Constitution +4

Leadership: A Space Marine’s leadership is equal to his HD. 10 ranks in Diplomacy increases Ld by +1.

-Movement Speed: 30'
-Low Light Vision
-Natural Armor +2
-They Shall Know No Fear: [Fear] effects wear off after one round if the saving throw is failed. Space Marines are immune to death by Fear (Phantasmal Killer and Weird).
-Betcher’s Gland (Acid Spit): Most Space Marines can spit acid out to 10ft as a ranged touch attack, dealing 3d4  Acid damage.
-Secondary Heart, Ossmodula, Biscope, Haemastamen, Melonchromic Organ and Oolitic Kidney: The Space Marine uses 2x his STR score for strength tests (lifting, breaking doors etc.) and +2 bonus on Fortitude saves vs Poisons and Toxins.
-Omophagea: By devouring a portion of an enemy, a Space Marine can gain access to certain information (language, ciphers, lore, genetics etc.) ! Information is made at the GM’s discretion !
-Multi-lung: The Space Marine gains +2 bonus on Fortitude checks made against drowning and asphyxiation.
-Occulobe and Lyman’s Ear: The Space Marine gains +1 on Stop and Listen checks.
-Neuroglottis: The Space Marine can detect (and identity if skilled) poisons or toxins by taste.
-Mucranoid: The Space Marine gains Resist Fire, Electricity and Cold 5
-Black Carapace: This implant gives the Space Marine exceptional control over his power armor.

Proficiencies: All types of Imperium Space Marine Armor, All Imperium Weapons.

Classes: Tactical Marine, Assault Marine, Devastator Marine, Librarian, Apothecary, Tech-marine.

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